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Randox Health Mobile Clinic visits Graham Construction sites in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Randox Health Mobile Clinic visits Graham Construction sites in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Have you seen our Mobile Clinic out and about in Northern Ireland this week? We have been providing onsite health checks for Graham Construction employees as part of European Health and Safety at Work week. Our checks can help decide what preventive action to take now to decrease the chance of future life-altering illness.

Covering five Graham Construction sites across Belfast and beyond, from the Ulster Hospital to the new Grand Central Hotel and the City Hospital to sites in Hillsborough and on the A6, we’re making sure that Graham Construction workers are able to gain an accurate portrayal of their current health status.

Environmental factors along with stress, genetic conditions and underlying health problems can cause extra strain on your body, leading to major health issues which could easily be prevented if acted upon early. Often, lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise can help limit the effects of illness in future years. You can never be too informed when it comes to your health.

Next week we’re travelling to Scotland to take care of Graham Construction workers in sites in Scotland. The Mobile Clinic is the perfect solution for corporate health checks both in the office and onsite. Our health checks can be carried out quickly and efficiently from our state-of-the-art travelling clinic which operates throughout the UK, visiting both homes and places of work.

Increasingly, employee health and wellbeing packages are becoming the norm of employee benefits offered by thriving, forward-thinking organisations. In the UK, sickness from work costs UK employers around £29 billion per year. There are also numerous studies indicating that employers who offer health benefits to employees are more likely to have a happier, more productive workforce. Studies have also found that these companies are more likely to retain staff and be perceived more positively by the general public.

Randox Health Corporate Relations Manager, Jonathan Acheson, said:

“For companies to get the most out of these programmes, they must be meaningful. This is when it’s fully appreciated, and returns on investment become evident. That’s why we work with our clients and tailor their corporate packages to deliver the UK’s most advanced health screening programmes. What makes Randox Health different is that our patented technology carries out up to 350 tests which assess whole body health – in areas like cardiac, liver, hormones – an evolution from isolated testing. Choosing Randox Health’s wellbeing programmes sends out a positive message about your long-term commitment to your staff.”

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