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Terms & Conditions

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1. Service

a. Services are offered subject to availability at the times of booking and service date. Randox Health may at any time without notifying the client make any change to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable safety or other statutory requirements or which do not materially affect the nature or quality of the Services, or which are deemed necessary by the business to uphold standards of service.


b. Scientific research is continually unveiling new markers of disease and identifying additional roles for existing markers. Randox Heath reserves the right to update or amend tests included in all available services without notice, while upholding quality and value.


c. The comprehensive testing included in Preventive Health Programmes provided by Randox Health help identify signs and risk factors for potential health problems. Although comprehensive in nature, these Programmes cannot screen for all possible diseases or health conditions but do provide valuable information regarding the function of the body’s major organ systems.


d. Randox Health has formulated two levels of Preventive Health Programmes for valuable service provision. Should a client select or request alternate services, they do so at their own risk. Tailored or Corporate Packages of testing or alternative/additional services are not in line with the recommended Randox Health Preventive Health Programmes and therefore may not identify what a Preventive Health Programme could, or may identify other factors which Randox Health reserve the right not to specialise in or consult upon. Such services are subject to different costs, timeframes and Randox Health cannot be held responsible or liable for any services selected by ay client.


e. Validated reference ranges determine whether a result is in range or out of range. A test result that is in range does not guarantee that an individual is completely free of any health problem or disease. Equally, an out of range result is not a definitive indication that a health problem is present. Should the laboratory supplier fail to provide reference ranges for any test or service, Randox Health may deem it inappropriate to report.


f. Randox Health Preventive Health Programmes include many markers that are not routinely available. The information included in a Randox Health report regarding the potential implications and clinical significance of an out range marker, and the set reference ranges are based on current evidence from scientific and medical research. All information is assumed correct at the time of printing; however, future research into markers of disease may alter clinical significance and Randox Health will amend prospective reports accordingly.


g. Results may vary depending on the individual’s medical history, current health problems and medications (prescribed or otherwise), or supplements and consideration of all such factors is necessary when interpreting results. As an individuals’ health is continuously evolving, test results can vary over time and may change if repeated in the future. References ranges do not consider pregnancy or paediatrics, and therefore some test results may vary in pregnant women and children.


h. In the unlikely event that a client’s test result is above or below a critical threshold and requires more immediate attention, a member of the Randox Health Reporting team will contact the client, (usually by telephone) as soon as the test result becomes available and subject to the contact details provided by the client being correct and attainable.


i. Randox Health will use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Services within the timescale indicated to the client however the timescale should be regarded as provisional and Randox Health will not be liable for any delay in providing or completing the Services.


j. Randox Health strives for excellence and accuracy when reporting test results. However, on rare occasions, anomalies can occur during laboratory analysis, for example, issues with sample collection or processing errors. Randox Health will endeavour to identify and correct any such issue. Additional samples may be required, if remaining sample is insufficient for repeat analysis. On rare occasions when this may occur, results/reports may be delayed or the client may receive an interim report temporarily whilst total results are compiled for the client.


k. All rights are reserved by Randox Health; all services subject to booking and availability. Clients undertaking services agree to comply with all Randox Health guidance and consent to Randox Health requirements and preferred practices.

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2. Quality and Regulation

a. Randox Health work to a certified Quality Management System to control key business and supporting activities, and ISO 9001 requirements.


b. All Randox Health medical personnel are enrolled, registered and regulated by the relevant Professional Councils, whenever necessary in accordance with Randox Health Quality Management System.


c. Medical Doctors working as consultants with Randox Health, practice as governed by their registration. Randox Health cannot be held liable for actions or advice from consulting practitioners.

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3. Confidentiality

a. Randox Health applies a strict confidentiality policy in relation to client’s personal medical data, adhering to the guidelines of Data Protection Act 1998. Randox Health will only use and disclose such information strictly for the purpose of performing the Services.


b. Unless a written authorisation is provided by the client, Randox Health will not release any personal or medical data to third parties, regardless of the person or company making payment for the services. Clients who request for any information to be sent or shared are forgoing their data Protection rights. However, Randox Health will endeavour to restrict the share of information specifically to the request and by all requests for reference. Randox Health reserves the right to ask for such requests in writing from the client/prospective client with clear details of data share and contact information. Randox Health cannot be held liable for not sharing client data with any third party, regardless of repercussion.


c. Randox Health uses a secure and confidential Client Portal to release the client’s electronic results. Randox Health cannot email result reports to private email addresses. Randox Health has no liability for the confidentiality of personal or medical data transmitted electronically.


d. Randox Health reserve rights to use any contact details for marketing purposes, and direct Randox Health education engagement and promotion. To cease such communication, the Client will be required to submit a request to unsubscribe in writing to Randox Health. Such request will be actioned where possible, however Randox Health cannot be held responsible for any marketing information that reaches an individual.

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4. Booking and Payment Policies

a. All bookings are subject to availability.


b. Payments must be received in full at time of booking (minimum of 24 hours prior to service in the case of invoiced clients see section 4(h)); otherwise this may result in service cancellation (with exclusion of Direct Debit and Salary Sacrifice schemes).


c. Payments are non-refundable. Bookings can be rescheduled, but not refunded.


d. As stated above all bookings are subject to availability of the services. Such services can on occasion be available within 24 hours of booking. All bookings can be done by contacting Randox Health by email or telephone conversation and speaking to an employee. Please note that should you fail to attend or provide sufficient notice, this will be deemed as an indirect cancellation. All cancellations are charged at full rate of service.


e. Randox Health reserves the right to cancel or reschedule appointments, but will endeavour to accommodate the client where possible.


f. All bookings are subject to payment and availability. Randox Health reserve the right to refuse bookings and individual requests, with managerial discretion applicable throughout service.


g. Randox Health accepts payment by BACS, credit & debit card, by phone or in person, and in extenuating circumstances, by cash and cheque, subject to authorisation by Randox Health Management.


h. Full payment is required to secure the booking. In the event a Company want to be invoiced for services as agreed, the Client Company needs to undergo a credit check carried out by Randox Health. Only once the Client Company’s credit is approved, Randox Health will issue an invoice and proceed with the bookings, subject to documentation. The invoice must be paid before the appointments, as per standard


(Section 4.b.).

i. Randox Health will reserve all rights to receive payment prior to services, at time of booking. Bookings are not secured without payment; services (including reporting results) may not be scheduled or delivered without payment. In such circumstances, timelines and services may be subject to change at discretion of Randox Health.


j. Direct Debit is not an applicable or attainable for initial consultations, specialist consultations, Health Definitions, tailored or corporate packages, or Confidante. No additional discounts or promotions can be granted in conjunction with direct debit. Terms and conditions apply to Direct Debit, Salary Sacrifice and individual promotional campaigns, separately.


k. Currently, all prices quoted exclude VAT. Where this may change as a result of actions or decisions by HMRC or where the charging of VAT becomes relevant, VAT will be charged at the then prevailing and applicable rate.

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5. Corporate/Offsite Services

a. Corporate or offsite appointments are at the discretion of Randox Health at all times, regardless of previous services discussed, delivered or required. Offsite appointments pertaining to services taking place at non Randox locations are subject to booking, availability, documentation, payment and all standard terms and conditions.


b. Offsite appointment will carry additional costs for time and travel costs, in all cases. Such costs will be advised in advance and charged at half day or full day rates – location, volume and value dependent.


c. Randox Health reserves the right to amend services and respective pricing at any time without notice, including client companies or corporate contracts.


d. Randox Health appointments for services offsite or in a corporate context cannot be rescheduled by the client/ Client Company once booked by Randox Health. The dates and times agreed upon booking must be upheld by the client/client company. Where possible, the client/client company will be rescheduled for another time, date, and location subject to availability. Non-attendance of the scheduled test appointment/consultation date, the full amount of the Service will be retained.

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6. Client Responsibility

a. The Client has the responsibility of providing all accurate and valid personal and contact details, which are correct at time of booking. Randox Health may use these details in any necessary to contact the client at any time. In addition, the Client must update Randox Health should these change in anyway, otherwise foregoing right to questions contact from Randox Health pertaining to any portion of the service.


b. For certain Preventive Health Programmes and Heath Definition services provided by Randox Health, there are strict guidelines that a Client should adhere to prior to testing. All clients should drink plenty of water and continue to take all medications as prescribed. All Clients should refrain from smoking and chewing gum for the given fast period of time prior to their appointment. The Client may need to fast (no food or beverages) prior to their appointment depending on their service.


c. Clients should continue to take all medications as prescribed as stated in section 6b, although some medications may affect test results.


d. The Client is required to give their consent before specimen collection. Unless a written authorisation is provided by the client.


e. Randox Health is not responsible for personal/contact information that is incorrect or not provided. When reporting a critical result, Randox Health may advise the client on appropriate action. It is the responsibility of the Client, not Randox Health, to ensure that any appropriate measures are taken, where necessary.


f. Randox Health value feedback from all of our clients in respect of how we deliver our care. Randox Health encourages Clients to complete our anonymous Client feedback survey to aid Randox Health’s optimisation.

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7. Complaints

a. Randox Health wish to resolve any issue easily and promptly, often at the time the problem arises. If we cannot resolve an issue immediately, then the Client may choose to raise a complaint. Any complaint must be made in writing and submitted for review to Randox Health aims to make a full response within 28 days after a full investigation.


b. Any complaint will be dealt with professionally and will not affect Randox Health services you may receive in future.

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8. Liability and Indemnity

a. The Client warrants and covenants that it will obtain all consents and permissions required (whether by law (including under the data protection legislation), good medical practice or otherwise) in order to permit the conduct of the tests on the samples of parties connected with the Client, whether employed or otherwise and shall indemnify and hold harmless Randox Health and the members of its group and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents, in respect of all liabilities, costs, claims, loss, damage, demands, action and expenses (to include any settlements or ex-gratia payments and reasonable legal and expert costs and expenses) arising directly or indirectly from any breach of this paragraph.


b. Randox Health shall not be liable in respect of the Services in contract, tort or otherwise howsoever arising from any claim, damage, loss or costs in respect of: (i) any direct loss of profit; (ii) any direct loss of anticipated savings; or (iii) any indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused including without limitation, any indirect loss of profit, loss of anticipated profit including loss of profit on contracts, loss of the use of money, loss of anticipated savings, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation; and/or loss of data.


c. To the extent not covered by any other limitations the maximum liability of Randox Health to the Client under or in connection with this Agreement, whether arising in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise, shall be £2,000,000 less any sums paid by Randox Health to any patient of the Client or other third party in satisfaction of a liability arising out of the same facts and circumstances.


d. The limitations in section 7 shall only apply where permitted under applicable law.


e. These terms and conditions (and any disputes, controversy, claim or proceedings of whatever nature arising out of them or out of or in connection with the use of this site) shall be subject to and governed by Northern Ireland law. The parties hereby irrevocably submit any such disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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